• How does the lease program work?

    There is a one time nominal set-up fee then a low monthly rate. The monthly rate is all inclusive so you will never get hidden charges. Our services are month to month with no contracts. You get an amazing aquarium without any hassle or obligations.

  • What type of fish will be in the aquarium?

    The most popular fish are colorful! Therefore we primarily use African Cichlid fish. They are vibrant, colorful and active. The best part of these fish is that they are fresh water fish, therefore, no large expenses, no emergency calls, no messy salt creep all over the tank and stand.

    Most people look at African Cichlid fish and ask if they are saltwater fish!

  • Should I get a freshwater or saltwater aquarium?

    We highly recommend freshwater aquariums. Freshwater tanks are much less expensive then saltwater, take much less time to maintain, no on-going salt creep mess and no tears when your $50.00 fish dies.

  • How often are the aquariums serviced?

    Its depending on the size and need of the aquarium. It would either be monthly or bi-weekly.

  • I don’t live in Fargo or Moorhead. Do you manage aquariums outside the city limits?

    Every day!


Tyler is a good as his word and continues to exceed our expectations for service. Tyler is reliable knowledgeable and honest. We have seven aquariums and have worked with Fargo Aquariums for 29 years! The aquariums are always clean, colorful and lively. We really enjoy the relaxing environment the aquariums bring to our residence. It’s a big treat when our fish have babies. The residents love to watch them grow. Dave and his staff are very communicative and genuinely friendly with everyone around them. The service we receive is undeniably the best, most reliable and most friendly available. I recommend Dave and his service to anyone.

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